Middle East, Islamism and democracy

We are faced with a question that can not be reduced to ISIS or Al Qaeda. The problem is much bigger. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries, Jordan and Turkey. We know tons of details that these countries supported ISIS and others. But when we speak about them we face with an objection. Al-Qaeda is a tumor in the Middle East and Islamic geography, a carcinogen cell which cannot be cured, there are complications around it also, but recoverable. Moderate Islam defenders hold this thesis.

It is, therefore, the task of history, once the other-world of truth has vanished, to establish the truth of this world. It is the immediate task of philosophy, which is in the service of history, to unmask self-estrangement in its unholy forms once the holy form of human self-estrangement has been unmasked. Thus, the criticism of heaven turns into the criticism of earth, the criticism of religion into the criticism of law and the criticism of theology into the criticism of politics.”(Marx- Engels, 1976: 39)

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Mine Yörük

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You must be seeing Middle East so chaotic from here. Militants with bomb mechanisms attached to their waist, children on sales for €140 in slave markets, kings dying at their 90’s, princes waiting for succession in their 80’s. A prisoner of war burned to death in a cage. Coups and people trying to survive in the middle of wars.

When we look at the issue from the angle of hierarchy of needs, democracy might be seen as a luxury where basic needs of accommodation and survival are at stake. Maybe not a luxury, but as far away as fairy tales and somewhat impossible.

All agrees upon the weight of religion and the abundance of natural resources in the Middle East. However, there are various ideas about a solution. The most popular idea is the moderate Islam.

Well, what those recommending moderate Islam say? Can they tell: “Hey, you, drop the bombs on yous waist and call people to vote, to ballots, you can defend your ideas in this way also”?

Things should not be that easy. In Paris, in Charlie Hebdo attack, 12 cartoonists were murdered. Pretext of insulting the prophet. Boko Haram connected to al-Qaeda killed 2000 people killed in the town Baga situated at northeast Nigeria. This organization is against girls’ schooling. Yemeni al-Qaeda attacked Muhammad’s birthday celebration, 33 people were killed. This is how we entered 2015.

Let’s do as we see in Hollywood movies, let’s scent out money and women, women. They want women closed at homes, the girls not going to schools.  They have a significant economic power.

According to the US Treasury Department, ISIS earns $ 1 million a day from oil. Well, but is the problem is stemming from only ISIS or from other Al Qaeda derivatives?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who established a one-man government in my country, said during the Ministry of National Education, Assembly Meeting, “We have still some difficulties. We will overcome them by offering a new lifestyle starting from kindergartens. AKP (ruling Justice and Development Party) has announced its goal for next 5 years: 1 million students in Religious Vocational High Schools called “İmam Hatipler”. Imam Hatip Highschools are public schools established to train religious personnel. But at the moment they became the main school type. An Islamic alternative to mixed sex education where girls are covering their heads.

When AKP came to power for the first time, they were presented as a moderate Islamic model. Although this image had been collapsed with Syrian War and Gezi Rebellion, they still claim to be in this way.

We are faced with a question that can not be reduced to ISIS or Al Qaeda. The problem is much bigger. Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf countries, Jordan and Turkey. We know tons of details that these countries supported ISIS and others. But when we speak about them we face with an objection. Al-Qaeda is a tumor in the Middle East and Islamic geography, a carcinogen cell which cannot be cured, there are complications around it also, but recoverable. Moderate Islam defenders hold this thesis.

Sounds rational. But we need to resolve the problem not to rationalize it.

Since the beginning of the Syrian war, ten thousands of Islamist militant crossed Turkey-Syria border to fight in Syria. Jordan-Syria border is like a sieve too. Qatar and Saudi Arabia have funded and armed these groups on a regular basis. Saudi Arabia applies the the same criminal law as ISIS. The international coalition claims to destroy ISIS. Shall we believe and forget other problems.

But the problems are worsening.

The children massacred by FSA at İkrime

The children massacred by FSA at İkrime

Some weeks ago, ISIS burned a Jordanian war pilot to death within a cage. The had beheaded Syrian war pilots, homosexuals, Iraqi soldiers and Western journalists before. Brutality was intensified one level more with this incident. Why was that? Were the rituals of beheading bearing the desired result any more? What next? Where they want to go?

We can multiply the questions. Search for answers leads us to history. Let’s follow the trail of women and money.

Capitalism and Islam

The question whether there will be democracy in Middle East takes us to late 19th and early 20th century.That age when today’s borders and political and economical structures were determined will give the answer which we search.Is democracy possible in Middle East?Is a reform possible in Islam? Is peace possible in the Middle East?

Where we call Middle East, including Northern Africa, was under Ottoman reign in 19th century and relations and conflicts which hold today had been shaped then.

Ottoman was a conqueror state, reining over a wide area, however, could not used the wealth it usurped for a capitalist development as its contemporaries did. It would be unnecessary to detail the reasons for this, but this development left powerless the feudal Ottoman state vis-a-vis Europe that became capitalist.

The developing industry of European countries needed raw material and markets to sell. Free trade agreement concluded with the United Kingdom in 1838 is considered a turning point in this regard. Ottoman ports began to be invaded by imported goods.

Traditional workshops and landowners were dragged into a serious economic crisis. The crisis was also a crisis of Islam. Because religious organizations were located in the very heart of this economy. I am not speaking of the Ottoman sultan bearing the title of caliph. At the bottom, a master in the provinces weaving on a loom in a small town, was also a member, financier or manager of one of the local religious communities. Except those on the opposition, all Islamic communities had extensive lands donated by the Sultan. The power of religious communities mainly stemmed from this. One third of the all lands belonged to the Islamic foundations. Although, when the capitalist era came, land-based economic power was left somewhat ineffective and unimportant, provided that the wide masses of people remained in this relationship, religion continued its impa.

Economic, social and political crisis in the 19th century has also affected Islamism. The crisis has launched a discussion process. There were two main trends: first, revival of the past and attacking everywhere; second, to close up and protect oneself.

The first stream is called Wahhabism, the second Sufism. Al Qaeda was born from the former, Muslim Brotherhood from a mix of both.

The return of Salafism

These currents were not new. They were rooted in the history of Islam which was preparing to make a brave breakthrough at the beginning of the first millenium. Inventions, new ideas were coming forward in medicine and philosophy. Just like at the end of the Middle Ages in Europe. Different from Europe, those who were defending the new ideas were defeated. Salafism was the leader of this reactionary front.

Salafists thought that the solution to all kinds of problems was to go back to the origins of Islam. Dictations of Kur’an and the original practices of the first Muslims were the truth. The problem was the difference of opinions.

According to Islam, invidiuals have a very limited will. It is God who creates, determines everything and brings them into being. Salafis take this idea to its logical conclusions and completely ignore the will, reasoning and questioning capacities of human beings.

Islam did not go through a smooth and ideal golden age as alleged by some historians. There was a serious conflict of interests in the prophets lifetime. This conflict continued after he died. Three of the four caliphs were killed.

Salafism might assert the contrary, but the problems survived in the Islamic region. Because the main problem was the problem of how to share the wealth.

This archaic ideological current started to attract people and became popular once again during the 19th century crises.

The other Islamic current was Sufism which saw the problems arose from the unjust distribution of wealth but adopted an escapism to isolate itself from the problems. It was a defeatist thought and could easily be radicalized under suitable circumstances.

These two ideological currents were not against the capitalist logic. Both of them agreed that an order based on property was inevitable and that the means of production should be owned by some certain individuals.

Their common points were taken advantage of by the imperialists who wanted to rule the Middle East.

As the Ottoman State fell apart at the end of the 1st Imperialist War, new states emerged. It was not the aspirations of the oppressed nations that led these countries.

It was the Sykes-Picot Agreement that was undersigned by France, Russia, England with the participation of Italy afterwards. The landowners, merchants and owners of the workshops constituted the local elements of the established mandates. In response to the economic power gone cooperation drag themselves economic crisis had convinced the people in the communities mandate.

Another important concept in Islam is that submission to political power is a Godly order. (Quran / Nisa / 49) Qur’an tells the Muslims to obey the persons in power if they are Muslims as well.

Islamism at the service of imperialism

Imperialism, of course, did not take any steps to develop the industry in its mandates in the Middle East. This was inevitable during the Great Recession that took place between the wars.

A capitalist economy with a developed industry would create a large working class who was free from feodal ties and dispossessed. Such a development would also dissolve the religious structures.

Remember the relation between capitalism and Christianity in Europe: After the victory of the bourgeoisie, Church was restrained and its properties were confiscated. Bourgeoisie was unwilling to finance the religious institutions, while the religion is excluded from the curriculum.

The same capitalism did not try to destroy the economic and political power of the religious orders in the Middle East but on the contrary it protected and supported these structures to the extent that it benefits from them.

Is it possible to find a trace of democracy in the countries where this collaboration smoothly took place? In Bahrein, Qatar, other countries of the Gulf and of course in Saudi Arabia with which the Western Block led by US is collaborating smoothly, there is not even a perfunctory parlament, let alone the right of organization, free press and fundamental rights. Those countries of the region that recognize these rights are the ones that partially managed to overcome the impact of religion. And they are the ones who often have troubles with US and Europe.

The presence of oil strengthened the holy alliance between imperialism and reactionary religious-political leaders. The well known example is the Saudi king, the royal families of Jordan and Iraq and the Gulf emirates.

The US-Saudi oil company Aramco was established for the extraction of Saudi Oil in 1933. That Shell, BP, Chevron and others watched wells opened in the region. Thanks to the winds of independence and social justice that followed the second imperialist war, the oil companies were nationalized from time to time. The struggle of the Communist Party of the region and the nationalist military officers were decisive here. Soviet Russia has supported such steps. But these efforts were not enough to change the fate of the Middle East as a source of energy for the United States and Europe.

On the surface oil monarchs of the Gulf are selling the oil. However, they are making huge weapon purchases and feeding the US defence industry. They permit the establishment of huge military bases in their territory. Saudi Arabia is the world’s 10th biggest weapon importer. It is one of the largest customers of US. Well, do we remember it ever making a war or getting invaded? No, they did not use any of these weapons except oppressing the social movements in the neighbour countries. The basic forces of CENTCOM are deployed in these countries.

This is the case for Egypt. Egyptian army, the strong partner of US, stepped back in the face of the uprising of the Egyptian people in 2011. Muslim Brotherhood abstained from the uprising and paid no price because of it, but Ihvan was brought forward by imperialism although it was not a approved partner for it. There was no alternative. The people rebelled in the same way against the Muslim Brotherhood.

Another problem for the Middle East is the Zionism. Zionism which exploited the Holocaust, this great disaster to curtain its political purposes, displaced the Palestinian people despite all the contrary decisions of UN. It is creating an unequal situation in favor of US.

Middle East is like a constantly boiling cauldron, simmering on a sometimes low sometimes high heat. There is no shortage of wars and military coups.

The past century has created a huge public anger against imperialism and Zionism. On the other hand, most of the current political powers have good relations with US, Europe and Israel. This is a serious source of tension on the governments. This makes them unstable partners.

Paradoxically, Islamist movements and governments in the region are fed by the anger of the people against imperialism. This controlled anger gives them the upperhand during their bargains. However, this cannot be stable. Their close relationships with imperialists and their contradictions with the other Islamist powers are harming them.

The evolution of AKP might be a good model to this problem. Before they found AKP, the cadres of the party were organized under the Welfare Party, another Islamist organization. However, some of their discourses and attitudes were a cause of concern for the West, for TUSİAD, the representative of the large capitalists and the banks, when the party started to attract the votes of large masses. Welfare Party was banned, while some of its cadres who declared that they would get on well with US and EU were backed. Despite the dynamic social movement, people were divided and manipulated as the newly found AKP was marketed as the hope.

Can Islamism be an answer for rebel Arab people?

For some people, uprisings and mass movements that were described as Arab Spring were conspiracies because they took place in a location that was targeted by the Greater Middle East Project of US and were backed by the Western countries. Undoubtedly this is not the case. Despite the clear provisions of the Qur’an people preferred to see the fact that the people in power are corrupt and oppressors rather than the fact that they are Muslims as well.The large masses, however, did not have a common and clear political program. The new powers were not different from the older ones.

The movement began in Syria in 2011 was shaped a little differently. In the 2000s, Bashar al-Assad had developed a warm relationship with Turkey and the West and he had started some privatizations. After deporting the PKK leader from the country, it’s relations with some of its Kurdish citizens had begun to deterriorate.

AKP attempted to take advantage of these developments in favor of US. It requested the Muslim Brotherood in Syria to get organized and run for the elections. Syria’s constitution forbade the establishment parties based on religious principles. Syria rejected this claim.

The mass actions that began simultaneously with the other Arab countries were manipulated. Syria suppressed these actions and made a referandum for all the demands except one. And that was the legalization of the Muslim Brotherhood. As a result of the referandum, the demands were met.

Then, with the weapons of US and European Countries backed financially by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, logistically by Turkey and Jordan, a war was started against Syria.

There is no moderate opposition in this war. Most of the fighters against Syrian are foreign and coming from other countries. Even those who opposed to the regime in Syria before the war do not approve these methods.  Free Syrian Army, which had a weak existence at the beginning, collaborated with the Jihadists and was gradually replaced by them.

In September 2014, the head of US Army General Martin Dempsey, in a Congress session said “I know that major Arab allies finance [ISIS].” And Senator Lindsey Graham from The Armed Services Committee said, “They finance them because the Free Syrian Army did not fight [Syrian President] Assad; they are trying to defeat al-Assad.”

Jihadist groups offers their members a regular salary. This monthly salary starts at $ 100 and goes up to $ 500. They are also given spoils and concubines. Thanks to these facilities, it is not difficult for them recruiting and sending to war the young people resenting to the state of affairs.

Of course they are looting the places they invade and they are selling their loots in neighboring countries. The factories in Aleppo, the economical capital, had been looted and sold to Turkey. Lawyers who wanted to take action had been arrested.

So far, nearly 100 thousand people are said to have gone to Syria to fight. Most of them passed through Turkey. The first group that had been allowed from Turkey into Syria in 2012 was the team who made a rapid success in Libya Such a mobility is impossible to happen without an approval on the state level. The journalists who tried to uncover this event had been arrested or killed.

The Syrian people support the government against this invasion war, and that is why the jihadists.cannot win. The resistance exposed the support to the jihadists

People began to remember and question al-Qaeda organized against Soviet troops in Afghanistan, US connections of Osama bin Laden, Saudi Arabia’s official ideology Wahhabism, and high-tech weapons from NATO inventory owned by the militants.

Robert Fisk'in eski bir yazısı

An article by Robert Fisk from past

At this stage they declared ISIS scapegoat. Let’s think: If Europe had been behind the history and things had been different, if there had been still Inquisition and those who came from East cooperated with the Inquisition, would the Inquisition judges have been the only to blame?

There are 1.7 billion Muslims in the world and these organizations are not even 100 thousand. But with the support of governments of Muslim countries and upon demands of United States they are acting against the social demands of their citizens.

ABD'nin yapıcı kaos planının bazı sonuçları

Some results of the US’ constructive chaos plan

Expecting the arsonist to put out the fire

US top commander Wesley Clark recently admitted their support for ISIS against Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran. A confessional after it’s too late. But sin is still there. When Osama bin Laden established al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, US was together with him. They called them freedom fighters, they compared them to the pioneering founders of the United States and hosted them in the White House.

US tries to give direction to the events according to the doctrine “constructive chaos.” It provokes the conflicts and contradictions and attempts to get favorable results.

Now they pose moderate Islam as a solution to ISIS. Firstly, let me say that there are no moderate and radical Islamists. They all have the same goal:To Establish a government based on Islam.If we speak about the use of violence and to what extent it is used, tis s It doesn’t help to discuss the length of the blade they cut. The term “moderate” means also controllable. The inventors of this concept were not interested in the violence exercised by Islamism.Be it moderate or immoderate, the issue is that none of them has a problem with capitalism.That is why they are in good terms with US and West.Since the beginning of the Syrian war, US spent $ 1.5 billion on “moderate” opposition. Where did those dollars go? US citizens should ask ths. There are no moderates around but they spent $ 1.5 billion. ISIS gets 1 billion dollar a day from oil. Who buys this oil? Are the high-tech weapons only seen in NATO armies given to these jihadists only for oil? FSA, allegedly moderate, killed kindergarten children in Ikrime with a vehicle loaded with bombs, killed a basketball coach in Aleppo with an assassination rifle.

Carlos Latuff

Carlos Latuff

They allocated $ 3.5 billion in their last budget. Turkey and US concluded a new train-equip agreement. In fact, this was being done informally since three years. There were already training camps at borders, even the opposition MPs were not allowed in. Now they set up new ones openly.


Starting from 2012 there were numerous flights over our country. They were carrying weapons. This level of air traffic never existed before on these routes. New York Times and other Western newspapers wrote this clearly. Turkey was the focus of this supply. There is not the slightest indication that this supply has been stopped.

Although Arab Alevi people in Syria are only 13%, they have a certain -albeit not total- weigh in government. In my country, on the other hand Alevis had been oppressed throughout the history. AKP (JDP) as a Sunni Islamist party considers Alevis as enemies.This is a conflict coming from the early years of Islam. Throughout the history, the political and economic power were mostly in the hands of Sunnis.

AKP’s focus on Sunnis against Shiite and Alevi sectors and organizations has been generally explained by sectarianism. However, AKP’s attitude is not only about sectarianism.

Former Foreign Minister and current prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s words are striking: “ISIS might be seen as a radical, terrorized structure but there are Turk, Arap and Kurd recruits in it.Structure over there, earlier discontents gave rise to a wide range of reaction. ” Pro-government press is pursuing an editorship legitimizing jihadists fighting in and Syria.

US’s Greater Middle East Initiative and the doctrine “constructive chaos” developed for this initiative targets Iran, China and Russia.Natural resources in these countries are quite attractive. And the best tool available to the Western coalition was the internal contradictions in the Muslim world.”The US military’s boots will not touch the ground,” they said.

Shiite and Sunni fault lines in the Middle East has been sharpened and this affected all states.Simply Turkey acted accordingly.

And it was and being paid duly for this. AKP, having set up an establishment based on urban transformation ad construction and pleased the banks also, reached a great wealth in exchange for that illegal weapon and fighter trade.

Fight in AKP, who has been damaged by Gezi Rebellion and Syria War, was intensified and policemen and prosecutors affiliated to Fethullah Gülen community disclosed at least a part of this illegal trade.

In October 2014, US Vice President Joe Biden said that Turkey, Qatar and UAE were so determined to overthrow Assad that they transferred hundreds of billion dollars and ten thousands of weapons to everybody who wants to fight against Assad including El Nusr, al Qaeda and other extremist jihadist elements from the other parts of the world.A typical confession from US; AKP blamed and way paved for trials against it.

Gülen Group has a strong economy as a typical Islamist organization.They have bank, companies, media groups and schools.Until their power struggle with Recep Tayyip Erdogan their situation was much brighter.

Another detail disclosed by this group was Reza Zarrab owning Iranian and Turkish passport. It was revealed that monetary traffic between Turkey and Iran was run by him because of the embargo on Iran.After the embargo was relieved, the mediators in Iran and Turkey were put aside.

Iran: Is an Islamic line independent of capitalism possible?

While US-lead West applied sanctions against Iran, AKP continued to trade with Iran through the back door.This is not a violation of the AKP’s commitment to the US; US who did not want Iran to push to China and Iran completely is a state unequivocally that the United States does not want to push Russia’s business.

Iran has a long history of a country that has hardly changed for centuries limit. Ie, in the decade since the 1900 arrival of capitalism in the Middle East Iran three political fore.Shiite Islamism, socialism and nationalism.

Mossadeq was a leader who implemented a program in compliance with national golas and took oil from the hands of the imperialists.In return, he took a coup d’etat co-organized by US and UK in 1953.Shah who replaced him was a leader faithful to imperialists, a good watchdog of oil and a good customer for weapons.

Socialist organizations and Shiite Islamist were two nearly equally strong alternatives for power.But the Islamists who took advantage of the mistakes of Iranian left took the power. Irak’s waging war against Iran under the guidance of US did not only gave harm to both countries, but also gave an opportunity to Iran for destroying the left completely.During eight years of war Iran executed socialists and progressives in prisons.The war had affected every family. There was a soldier who did not return from war at almost every house. Executed leftists did not draw much attention from anyone.

Iran while trying to heal the wounds after the war, on the other hand, began to implement some of the items from the programs of nationalist and socialist opposition. It preserved the capitalist structure but took the poorer under the shelter of social aid. With its independent line and anti-US stance it made ​​one of the greatest dreams of the nationalists true.The result was an independent capitalist country. Can an independent capitalist country maintain its independence in capitalist era of imperialism? For socialists, who see imperialism not only as an issue of political sovereignty but also as the highest stage of capitalism, answer to this question is obvious.

All agree that there is a struggle of power in Iran between two forces.But there are various description to this.

They want to export the revolution and to have power in the region and the world. There is a serious level of accumulation of capital and a great deal of natural resources in Iran. World history and economics tells us how high is the inclination of the capital accumulation to get integrated with the imperialism with numerous examples. Islamists who hold the power take a dual stance about what to do with such power.

To improve relations with imperialism with a relative lack of conflict, to use the powers in the region to which they are related as an item in the bargaining and sustaint the independence, if necessary, at the cost of conflict.To improve the relationship with Russian and Chinese imperialism and to balance the Western coalition under US leadership is also a way. This contradiction has not yet been resolved.Time will tell.

West led by US did not want only to overthrow Syria while arming first FSA, then Iraqi and Syrian branch of al Qaeda through Turkey and Jordan. Lebanese Shiite Hezbollah, as a part of March 8 Alliance, who defeated Israel in 2006 and liberated the occupied South Lebanon.This alliance, including also Lebanese Communist Party, did not only liberate South Lebanon but also became a strong candidate for power against the pro-Western March 14 Alliance.

The fall of Syria means the fall of Hezbollah and Lebanon’s turning back to invasion and chaos. This will completely immobilize Iran in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Syrian war is also a war waged against Iran.Iran welcomed the war at its front gate before it entered the house.

Iraq, Kurdistan and Al Qaeda

In the beginning, there was a strong joint resistance against US invasion in Iraq excluding the Kurdish region. In fact, Iraqi Kurdistan under Barzani leadership could easily declare independence.However, in post-occupation period, when US was at difficulties in controlling the rest of Iraq, declaration of Kurdish independence could complicate things considerably.US did not issue the visa.

US destroyed the joint resistance by fueling the sectarian conflict and was successful in making Sunni and Shiite Arabs fight against each other. Al Qaeda played a key role here. Before then, if one spoke about al Qaeda forces in Iraq or Syria would be mocked.Because it did not exist.

They grew up in the post-invasion sectarian conflict environment. It was a period when fought with the US occupation forces. But the sectarian conflict in which they entered made impossible the success of fight against the invasion itslf.The leaders of al Qaeda Iraw was thrown into US concentration camps in Iraq.

Baghdadi, who declared himself caliph in Mosul last year, was one of them.Today they are in a different point. Instead of paying the perpetrators back for the tortures in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo they are bringing death and sorrow to all, including Sunnites standing outside of their narrow circle, on behalf of US and Gulf countries.

With the start of Libyan War in 2011, al Qaeda turned into factory settings.They took a quick result in Libya. Gaddafi’s unbalanced policies made impossible the probable support from within and outside and the country was disintegrated in a short while.Currently it has still 3 parts.

After Libya, they continued to support al-Qaeda in compliance with the target “constructive destruction and chaos.” FSA relying upon few number of discontent soldiers deserted from the army in Syria, could not resist and scattered because of the pressure of Syrian military, soldiers turned home for being against the foreign intervention and the changes in Syria after referendum. Today in fact there is not an organization as FSA. However their leaders are still in the region and wheedling money and weapons from Western coalition. Weapons provided to these organizations has been going to Al Qaeda.

They could not destroy Syria in last four years, but they gave very serious damage. Country’s economic capital Aleppo was plundered.A part of the electricity lines is not usable anymore. 600 hospitals and health centers were destroyed. Healthcare services were widespread and free in Syria. They are still free, but no longer widespread.

This graph taken from NYT shows us how Al Qaeda grew as rapidly as a GMO product.

Attacks by ISIS and its predecessors

This graph cannot be understood before understanding the money-religion relationship. This relationship explains how Islamists can be used and reused by capital albeit with intervals. In this geography, if an Islamist organization finds money will get bigger and bigger with or without arms.

In July 2013, under US occupation, there was a massive prison break from famous torture center in Abu Graib. 815 people including the leaders escaped in a suspicious manner and passed to Syria.

In August 2013 while the US was discussing entering in Syria directly, over 1000 people died in a chemical attack in Eastern Guta. At first, Syria was accused, but later on, as Seymour Hersh wrote, it was a false flag operation and the fact was uncovered. While the military option remained on the table, support for jihadist groups increased. FSA headquarters and ammunition were delivered wholly and openly to jihadist groups.

These are the facts behind Mosul’s invasion and internal borders getting more and more clearer in Iraq. Next year, area controlled by ISIS approached to Iran border. This pulled Iran more into the war. Today Iranian officers and Iraq are a part of the war in Syria.

The war allegedly waged by US against ISIS practically makes no sense. What ISIS and other jihadists did in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq suits West’s book.Vietnamese Occupation costed more to US than Korean War. Iraq, Afghanistan … Each new occupation costed more people and money to US. To give weapons and money to jihadists, turning a blind eye to their passage to middle east is less risky than US soldiers turning home in coffins.Moreover, if jihadists can not be as successful as they were in Libya, it is possible to say “they were out of control” and wearing the hat of a firefighter to extinguish the fire.Can the arsonist put out the fire it set?

These Islamist groups have not any serious difference between each other.Almost none of their militants and leaders are Syrians.For a handful of dollars, for a few barrels of oil or for having slave women they can do anything.There are tens of groups with rapidly changing names. Needless to mention here.

The militants are gathering around the one who has most money.

Rojava, PKK and Iran

YPG, a group in Syria is different from them.I guess you heard Rojava. Rojava, meaning west in Kurdish, literally means the place where sun sinks into waters (Euphrates and Tigris). Syrian Kurdistan is located west of the historical Kurdistan territory.

YPG is the Syrian branch of PKK who fights against Turkey since 1984; PYD is their organized military.For PKK, who left its aim of establishing “an independent socialist Kurdistan” on the territory with Kurdish inhabitants in Iraq, Syria and Turkey in 1990s, who demanded autonomy after their leader’s (Abdullah Öcalan) arrest and who is hindered by central government even in the municipalities where they hold the mayorship, the Syrian War was an opportunity for putting their self-governmental ideas into practice and address to their supporters who are thirsty for a success since decades.

They declared autonomy in three and separated small cities with predominantly Kurdish inhabitants.

Between 1980 and 1999, Öcalan was under the auspices of Syria, who leaned towards national liberation movements Syria deported Öcalan in 1998 faced with US threat.

PKK, who did not express the demands of Syrian Kurds when Öcalan was in Damascus, after Peace Process, tried to define its Syrian policy n parallel to Turkey and to distance itself from the Syrian state. However, because of the threats of jihadist gangas and Syria’s ongoing weapon and financial aids to them, PKK did not burn the bridges completely despite the hostile discourse against Syria and Assad.

ISIS, 8 months ago, began to lay siege to the “canton” Kobanê which had no military value.PKK, who did not stand against the aids by Turkey to jihadists, published the photos of tanks given to ISIS when siege became more serious.

US was good cop and AKP’s Turkey was bad cop who dragged Kobanê to a stalemate. US who did not move a finger until 80% of Kobanê was taken by ISIS began bombing ISIS positions.YPG had to accept Peshmerga controlling the Iraqi Kurdistan, a 200 people of Islamist troop under command of a former FSA commander and around 100 professional soldiers from coalition countries.It allied with other jihadist groups conflicting with ISIS for being admitted to the anti-ISIS coalition.With Duhok agreement concluded with Barzani, the Social Contract governing cantons was flouted.

Kobanê is saved. PKK is exaggerating Rojava (Syrian Kurdistan) experience to appease the anger accumulating in Kurdish people because that the peace negotiations with AKP had failed repeatedly.Despite AKP’s support to Kobanê siege, Turkey’s Kurds and socialists rebelled on October 6 and 7. This was a Second Gezi. AKP-backed paramilitary Islamists and police killed nearly 40 rebels.Nevertheless, this did not stop the uprising, only after Öcalan’s call it stopped.

PKK wants to improve its experience of collaboration with coalition against ISIS and wants to have a say in Syria, Iraq and Iran in the future.Aysel Tuğluk, an HDP MP who participates in talks with Öcalan, said in 2013 April: “At least for the next quarter century PKK will exist everywhere in various formats where the Kurd exist.Armed in Syria for some times more, armed again in Iran in the close future, institutionally in Europe etc. Everyone need to know this.” The past two years confirmed her.

Basra Körfezi'ndeki gaz yatağı. Suriye savaşının en önemli sebebi. Katar bu gazı Süveyş Kanalı’ndan tankerlerle değil, işgal edilmiş Suriye üzerinden Akdeniz’e geçirme niyetinde. Cemil Bayık buna talip oluyor.

Gas deposits in the Persian Gulf.The most important reason of the Syrian war. Qatar wants to transport this gas to Mediterranean over occupied Syria instead of Suez Canal. Cemil Bayık wants to be a port of this.

Cemil Bayık, another PKK leader, made an interview with Die Zeit in early 2015. He answered the queston: “Did US understand that there is no way out without Kurds? So far, it did not need this.”

Bayık said: “Today, Kurds are the dynamic force of Middle East. They fight resolutely and are quite organized. If Americans want to do politics in the regions, they cannot ignore it. US has created a coalition against ISIS. This coalition can be successful only with the support of Kurds. If US did not forge relations with Kurds, could such a coalition have been succesful? How US can stop Turkey’s support to ISIS without the support of Kurds? This is impossible. How can the United States achieves its goals in Middle East without Kurds? This is not possible without them. How Europe can end its dependence on Russian gas without us? Oil and natural gas reach to Mediterranean through Rojava.If this path is guaranteed, Europe can breathe a little easier.”

YPG forces are developing their relations with the coalition. About a hundred westerners who had served as professional soldiers to NATO member armies are fighting together with YPG in the region.

Finally, on his March 21 Newroz Day message read in Diyarbakir, Öcalan said: “I salute ‘Eşme spirit’ developed on this basis as the symbol of a new history between our peoples.”Eşme spirit refers to the joint operation by Turkish Army and YPG for transferring Suleyman Shah Tomb, which is considered as Turkish territory, to another place in Eşme village of Syria close to Syria-Turkey border. This transfer had been done without Syria’s approval. YPG escorted during the transfer and the land in question, had been given to Turkey by Kobanê canton administration without the consent of its owner. Suleyman Shah, is a symbol for the Islamic conqueror tradition. This corresponds to Öcalan’s referral to 1000 years of Islamic brotherhood highlighted in his previous Newroz letter.


This might sound you as a fairy tale from afar with an expectation of happy end, but this is the summary of what has happened. Democracy in Middle East is possible with dispossession of the Islamists. When this will happen, Islam will be able to continue to exist as a feeling in the conscience of people. Otherwise, the countries of the region and imperialism will continue to use Islam to achieve their goals.


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